Example models, generated code, timer implementations and more will be availabe here for download.

Examine generated C source code here. This code was generated by MC-3020 from the example Autosampler model. This code matches the code you can download below.

Autosampler generated code in tarred and gzipped format contains example generated code that you can download, gunzip, untar and examine on your own machine. A win32 executable is in bin/rox.exe.

Autosampler generated code in zip format contains example generated code that you can download, unzip and examine at your leisure.

Example TIM bridge in C is a simple, compact implementation of Shlaer-Mellor timers for use with MC-3020. Modify to taste.

This zipped MC-3020 Users Guide or this gzipped MC-3020 Users Guide is the latest available version.

Example BridgePoint model of Autosampler in SQL format. This model is simple enough to comprehend quickly, yet represents a real-world system. Download and import into BridgePoint Model Builder.

Two OOA domains and two realized external entities are in the file Download the zip file, import the two models and follow the instructions in the README contained therein. These models illustrate bridging and the use of enumerated types.