ROX Software supports the Shlaer-Mellor Method and Model-Based Translative Development. This approach to development allows the software developer to program an application at a high level of abstraction using graphical models to represent the solution.

See for more information on this approach.

Optimized for Real Time

ROX model compilers bring the power of UML to the deeply embedded real-time system designer. The generated code is compact, efficient and quick. Because no RTOS is required, MC-3020 generated code can run right on the hardware with direct access to hardware registers and ISRs. Modeled objects can be mapped to specific memory blocks and burned into ROMs as small as 32kbytes or smaller. By avoiding the overhead of dynamic memory allocation operations such as queuing, dispatching and state transitions are very fast. Response times are predictable permitting modeled function to be in the critical paths. The multi-pass translator can optimize for speed and space at the system wide level while the back end ANSI C compiler optimizes at the module level. The result is tight, fast and suitable for demanding real-time applications.