Model Translation Technology

ROX is a provider of technology solutions for Model-Based Translative Development. Embedded real-time control software, hardware and support is the business focus.

MC-3020 3.3 Model Compilers can be found at Model Compiler support is available from One Fact. Read the release notes (3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3).

ROX products bring advanced model-based development methods into the realm of hard real-time control. Highly optimized model compilers translate Shlaer-Mellor and UML models into code ready to be downloaded, ROMed or flashed. Run your code on 8051, TMS370, C167, ARM, H8, EZ80, X86, Win32, Sparc, Linux or any target with a standard C compiler.

Try building Lego robots using UML modeling technology.

Models to Silicon ..... ROX Solid!