Translate BridgePoint models into ANSI C for your tightly constrained embedded targets.

MC-3020 is an object-oriented, single-task, ANSI C model compiler. Several target execution environments are supported, including 8, 16, and 32 bit microcontrollers. 8051, TMS370, C167, X86, Sparc and Linux are a few of the characterized targets. MC-3020 provides out-of-the-box model compilation in an open architecture. MC-3020 is easily tuned to specific system needs.

Optimized Translation

The translation engine embodied in the MC-3020 Model Compiler performs two passes across the BridgePoint model under translation. The first pass analyzes the model structure and action language semantics. The results of this analysis drive the generation of the second pass. The second pass generates code and data that is minimized and optimized for speed. Unaccessed data and unneeded code are eliminated.

MC-3020 is designed with a modular approach. An OOA of the architecture drives the implementation of the generation components. In limited fashion, individual architecture components can be "unplugged" and new or modified components can be "plugged in" to replace them. For example, the strategy for collecting instances can be changed by modifying or replacing only the localized component. Names and coding style rules are concentrated into a single component allowing the architect to dial in a preferred naming convention and generation style.

A set of metrics is generated and reported each time the model compiler is run. Statistics on objects, relationships, events, and first pass analysis are stored in a report directory. The speed of generation has been optimized by intelligent access into the generation database. Several coloring options are provided, all with reasonable default values to make MC-3020 useful right out of the box.


MC-3020 is oriented toward the following features:

  • ANSI C
  • small ROMable target code image (small applications fit in < 32k)
  • minimum RAM requirements
  • low overhead, prioritized event generation, queueing and dispatch
  • efficient state transitions
  • relationship optimization
  • two-pass generation
  • embedded targets including 8, 16 and 32 bit microcontrollers
  • no RTOS required


MC-3020 is available on all platforms that run BridgePoint®.
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