MC-3020 2.0 Release Notes

ROX Software, Inc.

July 2001

This document provides release notes to users of MC-3020, a model compiler implemented to generate ANSI C.


MC-3020 2.0 will further extend and improve upon the theme of MC-3020 1.x. The theme continues to be tight, fast and suitable for deeply embedded applications.

How to use this document

This document has been divided into the following sections for easier reference:

Support for MC-3020

Support resources available for DesignPoint® and BridgePoint® products and MC-3020 specifically. (BridgePoint® and DesignPoint® are registered trademarks of Project Technology, Inc.)

Supported Platforms

Multiple platforms and operating systems are supported by this release.

Installation Procedure

Follow these instructions to successfully install for the first time or upgrade from a previous version.

Change Highlights

Read on overview of what is new for 2.0.

Known Issues

Learn about known bugs or modeling restrictions.