Support for MC-3020

World class support is provided for the BridgePoint and DesignPoint products. Support is available via the web, email, telephone, and fax. Each of the support options is described at our support web address: Project Technology Support.

Web Support

The Project Technology, Inc. web site is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can access the following features at the Project Technology Customer Service web site by clicking on the "Customers Only" icon:

Problem Report Submission

Use a pre-defined form to submit a problem report and be assured you are providing enough information for our support technicians to help you. The information that you provide on this form is emailed to our support organization at .

Enhancement Idea Submission

Submit your enhancement ideas directly from your workstation as you think of them. This information will be immediately entered in our enhancements database for consideration in future releases. Your ideas drive our product development ONLY when we hear them.

Technical Tips

Read technical tips that will help you get more out of your Project Technology software products. New tips will be posted on a regular basis and old tips will be archived for your easy reference.

Application Notes

Read technical papers that treat topics of interest in depth. Many are written by Project Technology developers, instructors, and consultants, but we encourage you to submit your own contributions.

BridgePoint Users Mailing List

We have extended our popular users' mailing list service by adding a list for BridgePoint users. This mailing list allows you to communicate with a community of BridgePoint users, who are solving many of the same problems you encounter each day. You'll have to sign-up for this service.

The "Customers Only" section utilizes authentication technology to limit this service to Project Technology, Inc. customers who have support contracts.

To access this area, you will need your Project Technology Customer ID and your web site password. You'll find your Customer ID on packing lists and/or invoices you have received from us. Your initial password is the first eight characters (or all, if eight or fewer) of the name of the city your product was shipped to, capitalized appropriately, with spaces compressed out.

Project Technology, Inc. is your first stop for customer support. If what you need is not available there, the web site of ROX Software, Inc. has additional support material. Visit ROX Software, Inc. This site contains sample models, generated code and an online version of the MC-3020 Users Guide. All of the most recent and up-to-date material is found at this web site.


The customer support email address is . This is the preferred method for non-critical questions.


Customers within the US can call our toll-free number, 800-482-3853. The direct line, which can be used by US and International customers is +1-520-544-0808.


Our support fax number is +1-520-544-2912. Please specify preferred method for response.